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2023 Welcome to the Civic Association

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The above link contains the following:

A message from Ted Daniel, interim President of LCPHCA

            The loss of Pete Patterson

            The purpose of this report

            The introduction of our new president-elect, Rob Holley

LCPHCA Mission Statement

            Preserve, protect, and improve the livability of the neighborhood and quality of life of the LCP residents

            Researching community concerns – political and other

            Coordinate with other Civic & Neighborhood Associations

            Help determine if policies and projects will positively or negatively affect our neighborhood.

            Hold regular meetings with the members to inform members of issues and proposals

            Make decisions & take action in coordination with the members consistent with the mission.

Leafmore History

            The beginnings of DeKalb in the early 1800s

            The confluence of the creeks making an ideal settlement

            The establishment of Oak Grove Methodist Episcopal Church

            The Civil War

            Mount Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church

            Growth via the railroads

            The cows of the 1950s

            The people of the 1960s

            First water treatment facility

            For further reading . . . 

History and accomplishments of the LCPHCA

Swim Tennis Civic – combined in 1961

The sub-group of the Civic Association

Stone Mountain Freeway

Stopping major cut-through

Speed humps


Condo complexes on LaVista – 2003 and again 2012

The driving range

Teardown and Infill

Creation of the Leafmore Overlay District

Planning for the future – geographical studies

Institutional sign ordinance

Spring Creek Path access

Accomplishments and spending

            Regular meetings, including real estate overviews

            Hosting elected officials

            Support of campaigns

            Support of local green spaces – Frazier Rowe

            Volunteers and funding for Carey Hansard Park

            Upkeep of landscaping and maintenance of neighborhood entrances

            Santa visit

            Social gatherings

            War chest funding of attorneys, engineers, etc. as needed for protection of the neighborhood

            Sign toppers for street signs

Please join!

Notes from our President Elect – Rob Holley

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