Leafmore-Creek Park Hills
Civic Association

Special cityhood meeting for Leafmore residents

  • 2013-03-05
  • 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Leafmore Pool Clubhouse

Dear Leafmore Creek Park Hills Residents;

Your Civic Association has been monitoring and reporting on the incorporation of new cities in DeKalb County for several years.  In the past few weeks, some proposals have been brought forth to look at the formation of a new city here in north central DeKalb.  There have been public meetings in the past two months that have been attended by hundreds of interested residents.  Our Leafmore neighborhood is included in the feasibility study area for at least 2 of these proposed cities. 

Due to the interest in this topic; we will hold a special ‘cityhood’ meeting devoted to this subject on March 5th from 7:30-9PM at the swim and tennis clubhouse on Altamont Drive.  At this meeting, all attendees will receive information packages about the incorporation process, the pros and cons of cityhood, and a survey to gauge the interest of our residents in becoming a part of a new city.  FYI-This will be a minimum of a 2 year process, and is predicated on the Carl Vincent Institute of Government study determining that our area would be economically sustainable if a new city were to incorporate.  If the study indicates that our area would qualify to become a new city, then a majority of residents will have to vote to approve becoming a new city in a referendum in the Fall of 2014.   All Leafmore Civic Association members and non-member Leafmore residents are cordially invited to attend this special meeting. 


Due to the amount of information to cover and the time the discussion of cityhood will take, the March 5th meeting will focus on this one issue.  The Annual Member’s Meeting will be postponed until the next available date later in March.  Please plan on attending the March 5th meeting to learn more about the incorporation process, the proposals that are currently being circulated, and complete the short survey on whether or not Leafmore should become part of a new city.


Thank you!

Sherrod ‘Pete’ Patterson, President

Ted Daniel, VP/Sec

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